George Kekelidze Leads Panel Sessions at Uzbekistan Energy Forum 2023, Forming Working Groups for Renewable Energy Advancement

Initiatives to drive renewable energy advancements and foster collaboration in the industry

During the highly anticipated Uzbekistan Energy Forum 2023, renowned industry expert George Kekelidze, Director of Innovation Energy, representing European Association for Renewable Energy EUROSOLAR, played a pivotal role as the moderator of three insightful panel sessions. These sessions focused on advanced mechanisms for introducing renewable energy and energy efficiency in Uzbekistan’s energy infrastructure. Each panel session successfully formed a working group comprising esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds, aiming to propel the renewable energy sector in Uzbekistan to new heights.

RENEWABLE ENERGY PANEL SESSION: Advanced Mechanisms for the Introduction of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in The Energy Infrastructure of Uzbekistan

The first panel session delved into various crucial topics that underscored the importance of innovations and integration of green energy sources into the conventional energy system. The discussion also centered around the development of a green economy strategy for hydrogen energy in Uzbekistan. Prominent speakers including representatives from government institutions, international organizations, and leading industry players shared their insights, expertise, and visions for the future.


  • Abdulla Otaboev, Director, Energy Efficiency Department, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Binu Parthan, Deputy Director, Country Engagement and Partnerships (CEP) Division, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
  • Sadoqat Siddiqova, Department of Development of Vocational Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Innovations of The Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Nahla Abid, Vice President, Sales & Strategy, Middle East and Caspian Sea Region, Bureau Veritas
  • Amit Beriya, Executive Director, Technical Services for Project Development, Acwa Power
  • Dias Kamaliyev, Masdar

CONTINUATION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY PANEL SESSION: Advanced Technological and Financial Mechanisms for Implementation in The Energy Infrastructure of Uzbekistan


  • Baris Arici, R&D Manager, Yeo Technology Energy & Industry
  • Rafal Kowalewski, Head of Service & Support, Photomate
  • Marina Kudriavtceva, Director General, PcVue CIS
  • Rishat Zabbarov, Head of Representative Office in Uzbekistan, Unigreen Energy
  • Viacheslav Grechko, Representative in Central Asia, DMCC

Panel Session: Advancing Energy Efficiency in Uzbekistan

The second panel session focused on key areas such as decentralization and expansion of the energy system, electrical network development, improvement of the retail electricity market, and the parallel liberalization of the power industry. Esteemed speakers, including representatives from national and regional electric grids, international companies, and industry leaders, shared their perspectives on these critical aspects to drive sustainable energy development in Uzbekistan.


  • Representative, National Electric Grids of Uzbekistan JSC
  • Representative, Regional Electric Grids of Uzbekistan JSC
  • Andrey Reznikov, Director for Middle East and North Africa, INGC LLC
  • German Teplovodskiy, Head of Representative Office, MWM Austria GmbH
  • Aleksey Koshelap, Head of Service Delivery in Central Asia, TerraLink
  • Denis Kuznetsov, Business Development Director, MIDDLE EAST POWER SOLUTIONS LLC

Formation of Working Groups: Each panel session served as a platform to foster collaboration and create working groups comprising experts, stakeholders, and industry professionals. These working groups will work collectively to address the specific goals and objectives related to the respective session topics. The formation of these groups signifies a significant step forward in the development and implementation of advanced mechanisms for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Uzbekistan.

Future Outlook: The success of the panel sessions and the formation of working groups at Uzbekistan Energy Forum 2023 have set a promising path for the renewable energy sector in Uzbekistan. The collaborations established during the event are expected to drive the adoption of innovative technologies, shape policy frameworks, and contribute to the country’s sustainable energy future. George Kekelidze and Innovation Energy remain committed to supporting the ongoing efforts and initiatives aimed at fostering renewable energy development in Uzbekistan.

Conclusion: George Kekelidze’s role as the moderator of the panel sessions at Uzbekistan Energy Forum 2023 brought together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to address crucial topics in renewable energy integration and energy efficiency. The establishment of working groups during the event signifies a collective commitment to advancing renewable energy in Uzbekistan. With the combined expertise and collaborative efforts, the country is poised to achieve significant progress in its sustainable energy journey.


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