Innovation Energy Teams Up with Stoff2 on Innovative Hydrogen Storage Solution

Innovation Energy, a leader in sustainable energy solutions, has formed a new partnership with Stoff2, a pioneering developer of zinc-based hydrogen production and storage technology. The collaboration will enable Innovation Energy to provide Stoff2’s unique “zinc intermediate step” electrolysis and energy storage systems to commercial and industrial customers across its markets.

Stoff2’s innovative zinc Zwischenschritt electrolyzer combines the production of green hydrogen with inherent energy storage capabilities in a single system. It uses low-cost renewable electricity to create hydrogen via electrolysis and stores the energy in the form of solid zinc, providing a safe and resource-efficient hydrogen solution.

A key advantage of Stoff2’s technology is its ability to decouple the timing of electricity intake and hydrogen generation. This allows hydrogen to be produced on-demand, even when renewable power is not available, by utilizing the stored energy in the zinc metal. The solid zinc energy storage eliminates the technical challenges of gaseous hydrogen storage.

Integrating Stoff2’s zinc-based systems into its portfolio allows Innovation Energy to propose complete hydrogen energy infrastructures to support their customers’ transitions away from fossil fuels. Their end-to-end offerings can include renewable power, hydrogen production, energy storage, and re-electrification via fuel cells.

The partnership opens up new opportunities for Innovation Energy to develop hydrogen projects across industries like utilities, transportation, and more. Stoff2’s technology is particularly well-suited for applications requiring robust on-site hydrogen supply combined with long-duration energy storage capabilities.

Both companies share a vision of accelerating the adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy vector. Stoff2’s innovative and resource-efficient approach, combined with Innovation Energy’s expertise across renewables and hydrogen solutions, creates synergies to drive the growth of green hydrogen in their markets.


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