Innovation Energy Expands into Green Hydrogen Market Through Enapter Partnership

Innovation Energy, a leader in sustainable energy solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Enapter, a cutting-edge manufacturer of hydrogen electrolyzers. The collaboration allows Innovation Energy to integrate Enapter’s innovative anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysis systems into its product portfolio for commercial and industrial customers.

Enapter’s compact, modular AEM electrolyzers provide highly efficient on-site hydrogen generation powered by renewable electricity sources like solar and wind. Their standardized, mass-produced design drives down the cost of green hydrogen production substantially compared to conventional approaches.

By adding Enapter’s electrolysis technology to its offerings, Innovation Energy can now propose complete end-to-end hydrogen energy systems for customers looking to transition away from fossil fuels. Their solution scope spans renewable power generation, hydrogen production via electrolysis, energy storage, and fuel cell technologies for re-electrification.

The partnership allows Innovation Energy to pursue integrated hydrogen project opportunities across Georgia, Central Asia, and other markets where they operate. Potential use cases include hydrogen for industrial processes, energy storage, fueling for mobility applications, and more.

Combining Enapter’s systems with Innovation Energy’s expertise across renewable energy and hydrogen applications creates synergies that will accelerate the adoption of hydrogen as a clean fuel source. Enapter’s scale-out hydrogen production technology coupled with Innovation Energy’s vision for end-to-end hydrogen solutions will aid the energy transition in regions still reliant on fossil fuels.


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