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Uzbekistan’s Thriving Commitment to Alternative Energy Attracts Swiss Solar Innovator Meyer Burger

In a significant stride towards bolstering its alternative energy sector, the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan recently conducted fruitful discussions with Mr. Gunter Erfurt, the General Director of Meyer Burger, a renowned Swiss company specializing in the production and supply of modules and components for photovoltaic stations.

Meyer Burger, founded in 1953, has established itself as a global leader in the solar industry, with a notable presence in Germany, the USA, China, and Singapore. As of the close of 2022, the company boasted an impressive installed production capacity of solar panels, reaching 1 GW. With ambitious growth plans on the horizon, Meyer Burger aims to expand this capacity to a remarkable 3.4 GW by 2024.

The talks between Mr. Kudratov, Uzbekistan’s Minister of Investment, Industry, and Trade, and Mr. Erfurt primarily revolved around the potential for collaborative projects within the energy sector. Meyer Burger expressed profound admiration for Uzbekistan’s business-friendly climate, creating an environment conducive to investor activities. This acknowledgment underscores the nation’s ongoing commitment to facilitating robust partnerships in the realm of alternative energy.

The meeting culminated in a pivotal moment for both parties as they agreed upon a comprehensive plan to jointly implement energy projects. These endeavors will incorporate Meyer Burger’s cutting-edge industrial technologies, which are poised to play a pivotal role in advancing Uzbekistan’s renewable energy landscape.

As a tangible demonstration of their shared commitment to this collaborative venture, a memorandum of intent was formalized. This memorandum signifies the commencement of an Investment project aimed at the construction of a state-of-the-art solar module plant within Uzbekistan. The anticipated timeline for initiating construction is set for the year 2024.

This significant step underscores Uzbekistan’s steadfast dedication to diversifying its energy portfolio and embracing innovative solutions from esteemed global partners like Meyer Burger. George Kekelidze, Director of Innovation Energy, lauds these developments, recognizing their potential to make a profound impact on the nation’s energy landscape.

The future is indeed promising for Uzbekistan as it solidifies its position as a burgeoning hub for alternative energy, poised to embrace the limitless potential of solar technology.


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