Solar Energy Training Program Starts Strong in Poti, Georgia

A new training course on how to set up solar power systems has begun with great excitement at the Phazisi College in Poti, Georgia. The week-long program, which started today, aims to teach students both the theory and practical skills needed to design, install, and run solar energy systems.

The course, called “Design, installation, and operation of solar power plants,” is a team effort between Innovation Energy LLC, the Eberhard Schöck Foundation, and EUROSOLAR Georgia. It’s an important step for Georgia in promoting clean energy and creating jobs in this growing field.

George Kekelidze, who leads EUROSOLAR Georgia and Innovation Energy LLC, opened the event. He spoke about how this program will help create a more sustainable future for Georgia and open up new job opportunities in green energy.

The course covers many topics, from the basics of how solar panels work to advanced ways of installing them. Students have already started learning in classrooms, and they’ll get to practice what they learn throughout the week.

The main teachers are experts in different areas of solar energy. They include Levan Robakidze from the Georgian Technical University, Eberhart Syril, an electrical engineer who started the Energy Transition Cooperative, and Irakli Babunashvili, the tech leader at PV Georgia.

Nino Bakuradze, who runs the Phazisi College, talked about how this course fits well with the college’s goal of giving students skills they can use in real jobs.

Photos from the first days show students busy in the classroom. They’re listening closely to talks about solar energy and asking questions. You can see how interested they are as they look at solar panel parts up close.

Other pictures show students on the college building’s roof. They’re getting hands-on experience in setting up solar panels. Teachers are guiding them as they measure, line up, and fix solar panels in place. These skills will be very useful in their future jobs.

The program runs until July 5. At the end, students will do practical tests and get certificates if they pass. This will show they’re ready to work in Georgia’s growing solar energy industry.

This course is helping to fill a gap in skills needed for renewable energy jobs. It’s also supporting Georgia’s move towards using more clean energy. The organizers are hopeful that this program will have a big, positive impact on both the students and Georgia’s energy future.


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